In the Agricultural Aviation industry, you cannot overstate the importance of precision. As the most rugged and precise laser altimeter specifically designed for the Ag market, AgLaser adds military-grade precision technology to your operation, which helps you deliver a better product to your customers and know your relative position down to the centimeter. As an AS9100 certified company, Mindrum has a long history of providing the highest quality products across the aerospace industry, and the AgLaser is a proud continuation of that tradition as the most trusted laser altimeter in the Ag Aviation industry. Give yourself a whole new level of control with AgLaser.

  • Military-Grade Precision Technology
  • Measures Wheels-to-Ground Distance Instantaneously
  • Data can be tracked to verify customer height requirements
  • More than 18 times more accurate than radar altimeters
  • More than 1500 times more accurate than barometric altimeters
  • Technology trusted by the United States Military since 2004

Custom Solutions

Our ability to customize our laser units is beyond any other laser manufacturer on the market. With a top-tier AS9100 and ITAR certified machine shop and the ability to modify our lasers to meet the specifications of each individual project, we will create a custom solution to ensure that your laser module is tailored perfectly to your needs.


  • Know your height with certainty. When you are flying as tight to the ground as crop dusting frequently requires, you want an easy, reliable way to get the information you need in the absolute minimum amount of time. Our laser measurement system combined with multiple display options gives you just that- precise information at a glance, so you can keep your eyes on the task at hand.
  • Data tracking for customer requirements. More and more jobs require data tracking to verify height while spraying, and multiple AgLaser integrations can automate this entire process with the push of a button.
  • Customizable options. Regardless of the plane type or interface, Mindrum Lasers can customize the AgLaser to fit your needs. Contact us today for questions on customization, and we look forward to providing the custom solution that you need to get you good data when you need it most.

Available Features.

Many features and options are available with the AgLaser system. These include the following:

  • Integrations. One huge advantage of the AgLaser system is its ability to seamlessly integrate with all major GPS-based Ag Aviation systems. The Satloc and Insero integrations can be purchased through Mindrum Lasers, and AgLaser is fully integratable with AgNav, Tracmap, or Dynanav as well.
  • Display. If you do not wish to use this system with one of the integrations listed above, the AgLaser can be purchased as a standalone system as well. In this configuration, our AgLaser can be purchased with a full color Vega display that mounts in a 2.5” gauge cutout in your dashboard to get you the information you need with just a glance.
  • Mounting options. Stock mounting options are available for Air Tractor, Thrush, and Cessna, and units with either custom options or no mounting equipment are available upon request.

ILM Series 35 / 150 / 500

Our flagship series, trusted in some of the most important laser applications on earth, from military drones and UAV to industrial, traffic, and other aerospace applications.

FLM Series

Our Fanned Laser Module, ideal for ranging and detection in the traffic industry, or for other applications requiring a wider target field.


Know your wheels-to-ground height to the centimeter with the only laser altimeter designed specifically for the agricultural aviation industry.


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