FLM Series.

Precision Laser Altimeter System

The FLM modules are modified versions of the ILM 500, with the addition of a convex lens cover to produce a larger target area that the unit can identify and range off of, with the unit customizable to get optimal data from specific target ranges up to twenty meters. The FLM is used primarily in traffic, industrial, and surveillance applications, where the purpose is to detect and produce data on an object that is within a broader target area, instead of a specific spot target as would be used in a tripline or altimeter application. This high-end measurement system is designed for constant use, when the reliability and dependability of your data is of the utmost importance.

Custom Solutions

Our ability to customize our laser units is beyond any other laser manufacturer on the market. With a top-tier AS9100 and ITAR certified machine shop and the ability to modify our lasers to meet the specifications of each individual project, we will create a custom solution to ensure that your laser module is tailored perfectly to your needs.


FLM is available in R, HR, T, RT, and HRT variants at no additional cost. The FLM can be optimized for specific target distances as well, including a 5, 10, 15, and 20 degree diffraction angle.



This model is designed to precisely measure a distance through non-contacting laser technology.


High Repetition

An increased frequency of data points over the -R, to increase data collection speed.



This model uses a 0-5V trigger signal to initiate an event.


  • Security and Military applications requiring a detection-based trigger. We are a proud partner of the US military, and are both ITAR registered and AS9100 certified.
  • Traffic applications involving everything from toll road camera triggers to traffic-light vehicle detection to tracking available spaces in a parking garage.
  • Non-contacting industrial measurement, such as in grain silos, chemical repositories, or even liquid measurement.
  • Surveillance and detection, such as identifying movement, creating invisible camera and alarm tripwires, and reporting accurate data on movement of all objects through a specified path.
  • Custom applications where getting reliable data in terms of distance, or detection is of the utmost importance in any industry or setting.

ILM Series 35 / 150 / 500

Our flagship series, trusted in some of the most important laser applications on earth, from military drones and UAV to industrial, traffic, and other aerospace applications.

FLM Series

Our Fanned Laser Module, ideal for ranging and detection in the traffic industry, or for other applications requiring a wider target field.


Know your wheels-to-ground height to the centimeter with the only laser altimeter designed specifically for the agricultural aviation industry.


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