Our laser modules can be used in a variety of functions, and integrate seamlessly into a multitude of applications. All of our laser modules are specifically designed to be the most reliable and rugged units on the market, to get you the data you need regardless of the application.



Our customizable ranging unit is a standard go-to for the US Air Force as a laser altimeter, as well as commercial UAVs, industrial measurement, and many other industries. The standard ILM-R (range) variant averages 20 individual range measurements, providing a stable measurement at a rate of approximately 9 Hz, although these settings and many others are fully customizable.


High Repetition

The ILM-HR series are designed to maximize data intake and collection at the highest rate possible. This variant does not average ranges; the range output rate is 400 Hz consisting of 400 individual range measurements. This is used in mapping/surveying/profiling applications, as well as other data collection application involving frequent or sudden variation in recorded data values.



This is another extremely popular variant, that initiates a triggered response once a particular ranging value is reached or surpassed. These units can be configured to provide a trigger signal to external devices when the range to the target is within a customer-defined trigger window. ILM-T units are used in everything from telling autonomous vehicles when to pull up or extend their landing gear, to acting as invisible laser tripwires to detect unauthorized intrusions, to triggering traffic light responses or camera tickets.



Range/Trigger and High Repetition/Trigger.

Depending on your application, you may want multiple data output modes, where the device will both record ranging data on an ongoing basis and trigger events when that data passes a specific threshold. These variants are utilized in many different industries as well, and are available at no additional cost.

Custom Solutions.


Our ability to customize our laser units is beyond any other laser manufacturer on the market. With a top-tier AS9100 and ITAR certified machine shop and the ability to modify our lasers to meet the specifications of each individual project, we will create a custom solution to ensure that your laser module is tailored perfectly to your needs.

ILM Series 35 / 150 / 500

Our flagship series, trusted in some of the most important laser applications on earth, from military drones and UAV to industrial, traffic, and other aerospace applications.

FLM Series

Our Fanned Laser Module, ideal for ranging and detection in the traffic industry, or for other applications requiring a wider target field.


Know your wheels-to-ground height to the centimeter with the only laser altimeter designed specifically for the agricultural aviation industry.


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